We do smarter.

Who we are

We are Körnelius, a master class collective of seasoned professionals with experience in marketing communications and creativity.

We represent decades of local, national, and international success in  telling stories, branding, strategy, design, production and events.

We combine big-agency experience with small-size agility to create winning value.

Why we do what we do

We love using creativity to help people, brands and experiences be the very best expression of themselves.

What we do

We use communications to solve problems.

It starts with a blank page. We identify the problem.
Who are you? Where is the pain point? What do you need to change? Where do you want to go?

That takes serious listening, and understanding
that your needs are unique. No rote solutions allowed.

Then, we use insight and inspiration to guide us to the solution that reflects the best in you.

And you work directly with creatives.

How we do it

Advertising and digital
Installations and events
Think tanks and white papers
Products and experiences
Major projects

Behind Körnelius

Tony Babinski is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Körnelius. Tony’s 30 year + career includes award-winning work for brands including Adidas, Cirque du Soleil, MGM Grand, Red Bull, Bose, Aldo, Birks, MacDonald’s, Kimberley Clark, Disney, and many, many others.  

He created major events including Opening Ceremonies for the Euro and UEFA Cup, the Ajax Museum, the Bell One Night Under a Blue Sky Gala, and Opening and Closing Shows for the Dubai International Film Festival.  

He was one of the creative minds behind C2 MTL and is the author of two books, 20 Years Under The Sun, the Official History of Cirque du Soleil and, with Bertrand Cesvet, Conversational Capital, a book about how to engineer positive word-of-mouth into consumer experiences.  

His work in architecture includes the Snack Box in Times Square, which won Best in Show at the Retail Architecture Awards.  

In 2020, Tony directed a team of architects, designers, academics and marketers at the behest of Design Montreal, with the goal of creating resilient retail models for the COVID 19 pandemic and beyond.

Tony Babinski


it’s what makes us human.

It isn’t just what we do that defines us. It’s how we do it. Developing a workplace culture and sticking to it are more important than ever. We define our culture by a few key words:

Desire for excellence and constant improvement

If that resonates with you, you’ll enjoy working with us.

Let’s do something cool together.

Let’s talk, and see how we can
inspire one another to do things better.