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We're thrilled to be one of the creators, with LAAB and INDEX-DESIGN, of DEFI DESIGN: RETOUR AU BUREAU. This live, multi-camera webinar event will feature three teams led by some of the most exciting and innovative designers and architects in Quebec, working to solve a real-world design challenge in real time.

It takes place at 9 am on Friday, May 21. Tickets are free and available here.

This project was born of a possibility. Given the preponderance of Zoom meetings and webinars, we asked ourselves two questions:

1) How can we make the form more interesting while Zoom fatigue sets in and we more and more of us look longingly to get outside and have fun again?

2) How could we make such a event truly pertinent to the times we are living in?

COVID 19 has accelerated everything, including how we and where we are supposed to work. What new role will the office take on? What are the meanings of public and private space? DEFI DESIGN will seek to answer those questions in a live competition format that showcases the work of truly brilliant minds: Etienne Bernier, Stéphanie Cardinal, and Jean De Lessard and their teams.

This is an experiment. If it works, there will be more DEFIs. If we fail, it will be a beautiful failure (we won't, but it will still be beautiful.)

This long pandemic has made us question many things while it draws on all of our inner and external resources. However, one thing has not changed: design and creativity are still essential tools for shaping and improving our world. We will need them more than ever as we move into the post-pandemic era.

This event is a great way to flex those muscles and show that, working together, we can accomplish amazing things.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors.